Cheeky fox provided Kieran with inspiration for new board game

TOOREEN native Kieran Henry has worked as a landscaper and gardener for many years. But always open to that moment of inspiration, Kieran is currently enthused and delighted with the response to his latest invention which goes nationwide this Christmas.
‘Foxes and Chickens’ is understood to be the first board game devised and patented here in the western province. It is generating a lot of interest .
Kieran explains the moment the idea was born. “One day in November 2009 I was visiting my brother Dermot. He was putting his chickens in for the night and was in bad form, as he was telling me how a fox had called earlier that day and taken two of his chickens. I thought to myself, that cheeky fox.
“That’s when the idea of the new board game came into my head. With great enthusiasm I set about doing rough drawings. Eventually I had a prototype. Next I tried the game out by playing it with my two sons and other family members. After a few months of tweaking and changing bits we were happy with the game.
Another major boost for the product came last week when Kieran spoke to Joe Duffy on the popular RTÉ Liveline show about his new creation. Joe’s enthusiastic response generated a wave of goodwill for the venture.
In an age when computer games have taken such a grip it is indeed refreshing to know that there will always be a demand for the good old fashioned games that directly involves families and friends sitting around the table and away from the ever flickering screens. For sheer fun and entertainment board games still retain a magic that can never be had from computer games.

                         KIERAN HENRY BOARDGAME DESIGNER

                               THE SLY RED FOX